1100 m²

 (halfway between Brussels and Antwerp) 

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Are you looking for a venue to set up a media production, a corporate event or a cultural happening? 

RV STUDIO is probably a good option to consider!


Back in 1996, when RV’s founding father Rene Vlaeyen decided to build a studio, his sole intention was to provide in his own daily needs producing studio-based television shows. Soon though, fellow production companies in need of a shooting location, convinced him to open up the place for rental. And throughout the years all sorts of organizations found their way to RV STUDIO to host their parties, meetings, workshops and fairs.


Our multifunctional complex offers a 1100 m2 flexible black box space and a solid range of amenities facilitating all common practical needs. We are conveniently located at the Mechelen Noord industrial site just off the E19 highway - exactly halfway between Brussels and Antwerp. And our passionate team is at your service to support you with loads of experience, flexibility, creativity and a massive industry network.


Let's talk!

We'd love to help you make it happen.

Whatever ‘it’ is.




  • 30m width x 36m length  

  • 6m60 height

  • Ceiling:  174 anchor points 

  • Cyclo: one circuit black molton fondcloths

  • Seamless concrete floor, can be painted

  • Access: 3,9m high x 4m wide gate

  • 480 KvA highvoltage

  • Lighting equipment

  • Water connection

  • Ventilation


  • Multifunctional foyer (6m x 12m)                                with coffee corner & kitchen

  • Make-up room

  • Wardrobe

  • Shower and laundry room

  • 6 flex rooms (loges, green room, dressing room, production office, ...)

  • Seperate M/F toilets on both floors

  • WiFi

  • Private parking





Flex rooms




Parking spots



Whether you want to shoot

a television show with live audience, organize a corporate event,

a fashion show or a dance recital …

it’s all possible in our 1100 m2 blackbox hall !


Shooting for television, pub or film still is the main activity at RV STUDIO

But throughout the years we have also hosted small fairs, big private parties, theatre rehearsals and product demos. 


And we are eager to make that list much and much longer: a skateboard contest, a fashion show, a music concert, an art exposition, an escape-room, a walking dinner, a culinary fair, …?


A make-up room, several flex rooms to customize according to your needs, separate M/F toilets, a shower, a laundry, a foyer with kitchen, lounge and coffee corner to host crew, cast, audience or guests, … 

RV STUDIO comes with a series of extra facilities and amenities to meet the most common organizational needs.


We are conveniently located at the Mechelen Noord industrial site just off the E19 highway - exactly halfway between Brussels and Antwerp.

A private parking with 50 spaces is included. Upon request we can arrange a lot more. 


Need more parking space? Or a shuttle service? Or would you like us to find you a good caterer? A security team, extra furniture or LED-screens? Do you require postproduction facilities, special FX, 

a multicam livestream or an after movie?  


Our team is at your service to help you out any way we can. We have a lot of in house experience and an elaborate partner network to offer any backup in the production of your audio-visual shoot or event. 


Whether you need advice on filling in some details or require a solid co-operation to bring your ideas to life.

Let’s talk. We’d love to!



Zandvoortstraat 7

Industriezone Mechelen-Noord

2800 Mechelen


RV Studio

Interested? Let's talk! 

+32 (0)15 20 06 16 or


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